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Tarkarli – Land of White Sandy Beaches

Hello Friends, I am back with my new blog on the Pride of Maharashtra – Tarkarli! In this blog I will be posting about Tarkarli, it’s tourist attractions, Festivals the locals celebrate and also the interesting things to do in Tarkarli. I will also post about my personal experiences at Tarkarli.

Who Would have thought that Travelling would come to a grinding halt in 2020! Nevertheless I am sure that after reading my blog you will enjoy exploring this Hidden Gem of Maharashtra from the comfort of your homes!!

About Tarkarli

Tarkarli is an amazing tourist destination in Sindhudurg district in the Indian state of Maharashtra. Tarkarli is 546 Km from Mumbai and 410 Km from Pune on the West Coast of India. Tarkarli is full of scenic beaches surrounded by hills and lush greenery.  Monthly, Thousands of tourists are visiting this place to rejuvenate and enjoy thrill of water sports activities. Tarkarli is famous for its Pristine Water, White Sand, and of course Sindhudurg, Maharashtra’s popular sea fort. If you are lucky enough, you might spot Dolphins too!! Tarkarli was a centre-point for Shivaji Maharaj’s Navy and so is not only a tourist place but also serves as an important historic place to visit.


Tarkarli is pleasant throughout the year but the best time to visit it is from October to March. Despite being extremely famous with locals and vacationers from Mumbai, it is hardly thronged by tourists making it a peaceful getaway as compared to most other beaches. 

Tourist Attractions

1. Tarkarli Beach

Tarkarli Beach

Known for it’s Beautiful Coastline, Tarkarli is an instance of Paradise for all Beach Lovers! Tarkarli Beach has been bestowed with a long coastline which is ideal for those long romantic and nostalgia filled walks. One of the most fascinating things about the Tarkarli Beach is it’s Pristine Natural Beauty! The Tall Suru Trees provides a perfect setting to experience the clean and clear water.

Pristine Tarkarli Beach

Tarkarli Beach is situated almost 7 km south of Malvan between the Arabian Sea and Karli River. The beach has Powdery White Sand and Crystal Clear Water which makes it very Charming and Attractive. The Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC) provides houseboats to the tourists to enjoy the boating with family and friends. It’s Indeed a Heaven on Earth for Beach Lovers and if you are lucky enough you might be able to spot Dolphins too!!

2. Karli Backwaters

Sunset in Karli Backwaters

The scenic beauty of Backwaters at Tarkarli is beyond imagination. Beautiful and Crystal Clear beaches surrounded by Lush Green Trees and Fresh Cool Breeze flowing around you makes you forget all your worries and have a unforgettable time.

Beautiful Karli Backwater

Backwaters of the Karli river between Tarkarli and Kudal, the Only backwaters in Maharashtra is the star attraction of a Kerala Vacation right here in Maharashtra. In 2003 M.T.D.C launched the houseboats similar to the Kerala houseboats adding a golden feather to Tarkarli Tourism. The Maharashtra Government also hosts many different Water Sports here to make the trip more Adventerous and Memorable! It’s Indeed a beautiful and lovely place to visit!

3. Sindhudurg Fort

Sindhudurg fort

Built by the Great Shivaji Maharaj, Sindhudurg Fort was the naval headquarters of the Marathas. He built the fort area to safeguard the maritime borders of his kingdom from neighbouring rulers. The construction of the fort began in 1664 and took three years to complete and took about 100 Portuguese Architects and more than 1000 workers.

Beautiful view of the Sindhudurg Fort

The word Sindhudurg in Marathi means “A Fort built on Sea“. The fort is home to several Temples but is most famous for a Temple dedicated to Shivaji Maharaj himself! Shivaji Jayanti, Ram Navami, Janmashtami, Mahashivratri and Ganesh Chaturthi are some of the prominent festivals that are celebrated in Sindhudurg on a grand scale. The Fort is a beautiful historical monument to visit!

4. Shree Shivchhatrapati Temple

Shivchhatrapati Temple

This Temple was built on the Sindhudurg Fort by Shivaji Maharaj’s son Rajaram in 1695. This is the only Temple dedicated to our Great Warrior Shivaji. You can reach the Temple from Malvan through Ferry Ride which takes very less time to reach. If you are interested in History or Old Heritage, this temple is a must visit!! The temple is well maintained and kept Clean and Tidy!

Idol of Shivaji along with his Sword

At the Temple, don’t forget to see the Sword that once belonged to Shivaji Maharaj along with his Footprints and Palmprints. The main idol of Shivaji is carved out of black stone and represents the king in the kneeling Yogic pose called Virasana or Hero Pose

5. Achra Beach

Beautiful Achra Beach

Located at a distance of 22 kms from Tarkarli, Achra Beach is a Paradise for Nature Lovers, Adventure Enthusiasts and Photographers! The Clear Waters and High Waves along with several Adventure Sports are some of the main attractions of the beach. It also consists of some old temples like 260-Year-old Lord Rameshwar Temple along with the 115-Year-old Library. The nearby village of Achra is popular for its medicinal treatments and farming. Overall the Beach is very beautiful with Crystal Clear water and is also famous for Dolphin sightings which adds on to it’s beauty and so it’s a must visit attraction!

6. Tsunami Island

Tsunami Island

Tsunami Island is an island cum beach formed in the midst of Tarkarli River and is a wonderful place both for beach lovers and nature seekers. The Island can only be reached through a boat ride which costs a minimum of Rs. 500 per boat and offers a variety of activities for the adventure enthusiasts, like kayaking, jet skiing, banana and bumper boat rides etc.

Picturesque Tsunami Island

The uniqueness of this Island is that it was formed after the Tsunami that struck in 2004 and so the Name Tsunami Island. My experience in this island was a different one because the water here is shallow but there were various water sports to enjoy so I would definitely recommend you to visit this place!!

Water Sports


Water Sports in Tarkarli is a Must Visit because it is truly a once in a lifetime experience! Tarkarli is a Hub for Water Sports in Maharashtra because the beaches here are clean and well maintained by the MTDC! From Parasailing to Scuba Diving to Snorkelling to Dolphin Safari to Kayaking to Banana Boating, Tarkarli has everything to o`ffer!

Scuba Diving in Tarkarli
Parasailing in Tarkarli
Tourists enjoying Banana Boat Ride in Tarkarli

If you really want to enjoy Tarkarli to the fullest don’t miss these Adventurous Water Sports. Also in 2003, the MTDC launched the Houseboats similar to the Kerala Houseboats which is a very unique experience and one of the topmost things to do in Tarkarli. These houseboats can be found in the tranquil backwaters of the Karli River and so do experience it because I am sure it will be an unforgettable time for u and your loved ones!

MTDC Houseboat in Tarkarli

Along with the Scenic Beauty, Tarkarli is also blessed with presence of the Friendliest Mammals – the Dolphins. For around a Decade, Tarkarli has seen Dolphins playing all around the ocean. Around January – February, you can even spot a big family of dolphins basking in the warm sun enjoying the clear ocean. They swim in synchronization making it a spectacular view. MTDC have organized Dolphin Safari wherein you can spot dolphins by going in a boat which costs around Rs 800 per boat. The View is just breathtaking and I strongly recommend you to do the Dolphin Safari because it is worth every penny!

Dolphins in Tarkarli

I personally did Snorkelling, Banana and Bumpy Boat Ride, Parasailing and Dolphin Safari and I enjoyed every moment of it. Water Sports are Adventurous as well as Thrilling and is one thing every one should experience.


Tarkarli has by far been one of my favorite trips ever. I was filled with awe and admiration after seeing this beautiful destination! Not only does Tarkarli gives you respite from your Daily busy life but it also gives u sense of Tranquility and Satisfaction! Tarkarli is blessed with Beautiful and Clear White Sand Beaches, serene backwaters, silence and calmness in the nature, Thrilling Water Sports and lots of other attractive places like Temples and Forts! It is surely the most beautiful destination of Maharashtra and is therefore rightly considered as Pride of Maharashtra! All in All it’s a Perfect Weekend Destination for people of all ages because ultimately I feel that Age is no Barrier when it comes to Travel and Exploring New Places isn’t it? I strongly suggest u to visit this beautiful place and experience Paradise! Here’s Few more beautiful pics of Tarkarli!! I hope you enjoyed the Virtual Journey of Tarkarli and would be eager to experience an opportunity of a life-time after this Pandemic gets over. Do comment your views on Tarkarli in the comment section!!

Famous Tarkarli Fish Market


14 thoughts on “Tarkarli – Land of White Sandy Beaches

  1. Indeed, Tarkarli is pride of Aamchi Maharashtra.
    Well written blog with precise information and breathtaking pictures.
    Well said that AGE is no barrier to travel, explore and enjoy oneself.

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  2. Ananth your blog mentally and literally taken me to Tarkarli, never heard about this wonderful place inspite of my roaming all over India.. hope to definitely visit some day.. many congratulations to you, keep growing!!

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